Star Wars: 1313 Gameplay Preview

A gameplay preview for the upcoming LucasArts upcoming game Star Wars: 1313 was revealed at E3 on June 4th. It showed off third-person cinematic gameplay and gave an introduction to the still-unnamed main character. LucasArts has emphasised the fact that the game will have a mature feel, but there is no indication that Star Wars: 1313 will be an M-rated game. The gameplay preview shows the player walking through a ship that is falling down the levels of Coruscant, while fighting off a number of droids in third-person duck-and-shoot gameplay.   As of yet, there is no release date. It is unknown whether it will be available on Xbox 360 or PS3, as the demo was on a high-end PC using NVIDIA hardware. LucasArts has not yet commented on the targeted platforms for the game's eventual release.

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