The Old Republic To Receive Additional Content & Services

During E3, it was announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be free to play until the player reaches level 15. If you've been waiting for the chance to try out this game, but didn't want to pay a subscription fee, now is the perfect chance to try the game out and see if you like it! The official TOR website has also listed an upcoming major update to TOR that will include "new Space Content, an increased level cap, the upcoming Operation: Terror From Beyond, which takes players to the Gree-controlled world of Asation to battle against an army of unseen horrors, and more!" One of the more important aspects of the update is the announcement of Makeb, a planet never before seen in the Expanded Universe! The planet will include a new storyline revolving around the Hutts. Also, a new companion for the players will be available; a brand spanking new HK-51 assassin droid as well as a new playable species; the Cathar! The Cathar are humanoid, bipedal feline creatures, and have been seen in KOTOR, Tales of the Jedi, Legacy and more. The Cathar can be Force-sensitive, as shown by Juhani in KOTOR, Sylvar and Crado in TotJ and Rasi Tuum, Ahn and Zho from the Legacy comics, so the player can be a Sith/Jedi if they choose to play as this species. The updates are scheduled to start on June 12th, with the free to play until level 15 going active in July. Source:

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