Review: Knight Errant – Escape #1

Script | John Jackson Miller Pencils | Marco Castiello Pencil Assists | Andrea Chella Inks | Vincenzo Acunzo Colors | Michael Atiyeh Lettering | Michael Heisler Cover Art | Benjamin Carrè This review contains minor spoilers. Sometimes, a comic issue can advance a story very little, leaving the reader to feel a bit cheated. However, a comic issue can deliver a lot of information, causing the reader to sit back and process all the information. Star Wars: Knight Errant – Escape #1 belongs to the latter group, and in an excellent way.

Knight Errant - Escape #1

John Jackson Miller's script hits the ground running, quickly throwing Kerra Holt into the middle of her next adventure. No dialogue bubble wastes any time explaining where Kerra is, why she made a dark deal with a Sith, and where she'll be going next. Readers are introduced to new and old characters alike (mostly Sith, so hooray for Sith fans!), several of which appear briefly but will likely play a larger role in future issues. First issues always take time to establish most of the characters that will play important roles in the story, and by the end, this fan was wanting more, and not just because of an important revelation on the last page. Readers of several Star Wars novels, as well as past comics, know the dangers of dabbing into the dark side to fight against it, but I guess Kerra Holt hasn't studied Ulic Qel-Droma's history (after all, she's busy helping to save an entire sector), and she won't get the opportunity to study Luke Skywalker for another 1,000 years or so. Nevertheless, by the end, I think she'll have lived to learn an important lesson...or not. The art on this issue is very well done, too, presenting a lot of different aliens, creatures, and key characters, all of which are clearly identifiable on any page. I've seen Marco Castiello's work before, and the colors always look great on these books. The brief skirmishes are superbly illustrated, mostly comprised of epic war poses, but for a story looking to set up the plot, it works perfectly, and leads to a lot of panels I'd like to see made into posters. No time is wasted on Star Wars: Knight Errant – Escape #1, and I believe we're in for a fun ride filled with heroic deeds, hurtful betrayals, and unexpected reunions in the upcoming issues.

4/5 Kath Hounds

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