Two New Mercy Kill Excerpts

If you're a fan dying from anticipation for X-wing: Mercy Kill, there's good news. The official Star Wars Books Facebook page is trying to lessen your suffering. Two new excerpts from the hardcover novel have been posted by Del Rey. Excerpt #1:
He crawled southward, keeping well below the trench lip above. Myri followed, occasionally peeking up above the rim to see her surroundings. “My father was on the Death Star Trench Run. You know, the famous one. Me, I get the General’s Basement Trench Crawl.”
Excerpt #2:
Then she noticed that Trey had stopped talking. Instead, he was leaning forward, his forehead pressed against a heavy-duty, locking transparisteel cabinet. Myri moved until she could see his face. “Four? You suddenly look like you want to cry.” “I do.” He stepped back from the cabinet and shone his glow rod on its contents. The cabinet had two shelves, themselves transparisteel. On the top shelf were two silvery bowl-like stands, and in each rested a globe larger than a balled human fist—a globe with dials and a depressible button. Myri stared at them for a moment, then clamped her hand over her mouth to suppress a gasp. “Thermal detonators.” “Two of them.” Trey’s voice was almost rapturous. “I have to steal these.”
X-wing: Mercy Kill, by Aaron Allston, will be released on August 7. Look for an EUCantina interview with Allston next month!

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