Help Artist Fight Cancer through Star Wars Art

Dave Seeley, an artist who has created the covers for numerous Star Wars novels, including Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, Crosscurrent, and Riptide, has informed us of an urgent need. Illustrator Cyril Van Der Haegen, who briefly dabbled in the Star Wars universe by creating images for Ultimate Adversaries, a Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game supplement, is battling a life-threatening cancer. Seeley and other artists are holding an art auction to raise funds for Cyril.

Cyril Van Der Haegen

Cyril is suffering from a disease called smoldering Myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells that is incurable. He has also been diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, a form of Leukemia which causes his immune system to destroy the platelets in his blood. Seeley's website says:
As you can imagine, Cyril is also fighting to keep his spirits up. As is the case with many artists, Cyril is self-employed and uninsured. Fortunately, he is able to work, and has qualified for very low-cost medical assistance from a good local hospital. We are organizing this auction as a way to help him deal with the uncovered costs, as well as his living expenses while he undergoes treatment. It's our hope that a strong response to this effort will help bolster his spirits as well as his finances.
Dave Seeley is donating the original art for Star Wars: Riptide to the auction. Star Wars collectors, get out your wallets! This is an amazing piece of art for an extremely important cause. Auction details:
The plan is to run an auction over the span of San Diego Comic Con, July 11-15th, with a parallel auction on eBay ending on Saturday July 14th. The original art will be on display at Dave Seeley's booth:  4600. The eBay auctions will begin on July 4th. Winners could pick up their winnings on Sunday July 15th, at Comicon, or have them shipped.
For more information on the action and on the condition of Cyril Van Der Haegen, please visit this page. If you aren't able to participate in the auction, you can still contribute by donating online. We've created a Facebook Page to support Cyril and keep readers updated on the auction.

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