Review: Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm #5

Story | John Ostrander & Jan Duursema ScriptJohn Ostrander PencilsJan Duursema Inks | Dan Parsons ColorsWes Dzioba LetteringMichael Heisler Cover ArtJan Duursema

Dawn of the Jedi - Force Storm #5

The Force Storm continues to build, threatening the lives of the young Je'daii trapped on the planet Tython. The storm is fueled by the Dark Side of the Force, brought to this system by the Rakatan invaders and the Force Hound Xesh. In the last issue, Xesh, had tricked the Je'daii and left them to fight off an enraged Saarl without any weapons. We pick up the fight here with Xesh watching them, expecting them to sacrifice one another to save themselves in typical dark side fashion. It is here that this issue truly excels. We see the true selflessness of the Je'daii and the power of the light side, as seen through the eyes of the dark side user Xesh. The story here revolves around the Je'daii Masters trying to quell the out of control force storm and save the young Je'daii Journeymen, all while still dealing with Xesh, who seems to be unsure about his allegiances after confronting the Je'daii. Great power, great control over the Force and great sacrifice will be required save them all from the dark side energies that have been released. In the end, the Je'daii discover what dangers await them out in the galaxy, now that the Rakatans and others are aware of their presence.  But, before the Rakatans can strike, a new threat is building on the moon of Bogan, where those who delve too deeply into the dark side are sent to find the light again. This has been an exciting series, introducing us to a new chapter of history in the Star Wars galaxy, and this final issue leaves us with the promise of more to come.

3/5 Kath Hounds


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