Win Grand Prize Package by Reading Star Wars this Summer

On July 11, EUCantina's Summer for Children's Literacy (SCL) will kick off, sparking two months of contests and content designed to promote reading, childhood literacy, and funding for the Reading is Fundamental charity organization. This program will be spearheaded by our Star Wars Summer Reading Club - an opportunity to read Star Wars books and comics and have a chance to win a fantastic prize! Members of our Star Wars Summer Reading Club will all have a shot at winning the Grand Prize package, our largest giveaway of the SCL. The package will include the following items, generously donated by Del Rey and the official Star Wars Books Facebook page in support of children's literacy:
  • A copy of The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, with signed bookplates containing the signatures from all seven authors.
  • A hardcover copy of Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi - Backlash, signed by author Aaron Allston.
  • A hardcover copy of Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi - Allies, signed by author Christie Golden.
  • A San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Revan mask, signed by artist Chris Trevas.
How can you win the great prizes listed above? All you have to do is read one Star Wars novel or comic trade paperback this summer! The Summer Reading Club entry form, along with the official contest rules, will be released on July 11. To enter the contest, simply fill out a minimum of one entry on the form. You will be asked to include the title of the novel or trade paperback, the author, and 1-2 sentences telling us why you liked the book. Each book listed on the form is equal to one entry into the contest, with a maximum of ten entries per person. The more you read, the more your chances of winning increase! We'll also begin our fundraising effort for RIF on the 11, and though your donations will have no impact on the outcome of any of our contests, we ask that you deeply consider supporting this cause during the summer. The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia is a three-volume hardcover set from an impressive list of authors that includes Steve Sansweet, David Wallace, and Pablo Hidalgo. This 10-pound box set is a definitive source on "all things Star Wars–ranging from science and technology to history and geography, culture and biography to ecology and cosmology". Backlash is the fourth novel in the Fate of the Jedi series, and was released on March 9, 2010. Allies is the fifth novel in the series, and was released on May 25, 2010. The Revan The Old Republic masks were given away as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive by Del Rey in 2011. The masks promoted Drew Karpyshyn's novel, Revan, and were designed by Chris Trevas. Look for more information on our entire Summer for Children's Literacy on July 11.

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