Download Free Childhood Literacy Bookmarks

To celebrate our Summer for Children's Literacy, and to promote awareness for this serious situation that we're raising  funds to improve, we have four bookmarks that you can download and print for free! Each bookmark features our A Force for Childhood Literacy logo, featuring artwork by Joe Hogan, and a different fact about childhood literacy.
  • Fact # 1 - Nearly 40% of U.S. 4th graders do not achieve basic levels of reading proficiency.
  • Fact #2 - The lowest income neighborhoods in North America have one book for every 300 children.
  • Fact #3 - 80% of preschools and after-school programs do not have age-appropriate books for kids to access.
  • Fact #4 - 85% of kids in the juvenile prison system and 60% of adults in jail are functionally illiterate.
Download the bookmarks here. Print and cut out some simple reminders that many children can't access the book that you're reading right now. You can share some with your friends or even leave a few at your local library! And please consider donating to support children's literacy through the button on our sidebar!

About the Author

Austin Blankenship is the webmaster of EUCantina. He is a host of our official podcast, EUCast, and also founded our sister website, Austin helped turn EUCantina from a forum into a website in 2007, and continues to operate the site and the EUC social media accounts. Austin works as a librarian in a small town above Atlanta, Georgia.