Review – Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #3

Script | Haden Blackman Art | Agustin Alession Lettering |Michael Heisler Cover Art | Dave Wilkins

Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #3

The traitorous Imperial forces continue their plan of overthrowing the newly formed Empire. Disgruntled by the Clone Wars and worrisome about the Emperor's strict form of discipline, they have moved into the next phase of their coup d'état. But they may have more than one unforeseen obstacle blocking their path. The fiercely loyal Lt. Laurita Tohm, Moff Trachta and Darth Vader have gone in search of a secret Jedi prison used to hold those most dangerous of criminals arrested by the Jedi during the Clone Wars. This secret prison may hold the only salvation for the Empire and the Emperor himself. The change in attitudes towards the Jedi is evident here. Mere months after the end of the war, no longer are the Jedi seen as the heroes of the Republic, bravely fighting to preserve freedom and justice. Instead, they are viewed as squabbling children and traitors, to be eradicated without a second thought. Once again, Blackman's writing is top notch, the action from last issue has been replaced by political maneuvering and plans for revenge, but it is no less exciting. Alession's art shows us all the heartache, pain and rage of the characters. All three of these loyal Imperials are damaged men, carrying scars earned during the Clone Wars. Tohm and Trachta swap stories of how they ended up the way they are now. Tohm lost his arm in an explosion that killed his family. Trachta was crippled by a thermal detonator. This series is all about the ghosts of the Clone Wars that continue to haunt the galaxy even after the war has ended. The wounds have healed into a scar; one that will continue to affect the galaxy longer than any of them realize.

4/5 Kath Hounds

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