Review: Knight Errant – Escape #2

Written by John Jackson Miller Pencils by Marco Castiello Pencil Assists by Andrea Chella Inks by Vincenzo Acunzo Colors by Michael Atiyeh Lettering by Michael Heisler Cover Art by Benjamin Carrè

Knight Errant: Escape #2

Star Wars: Knight Errant–Escape #2 keeps the story moving fast as the creative team explores Kerra Holt’s past and where the Helm of Ieldis resides. Much like the first issue, John Jackson Miller uses the issue to lay more groundwork, exploring important details of the characters before diving into the action later on. However, he doesn’t leave the action seekers out, opening with an intense flashback and maneuvering our heroine through hell, all the while advancing the story. He also introduces a new detail that will likely impact Kerra Holt’s life in a later story, if not by the end of this one (or at least this fan hopes so). The art from the team of Castiello, Chella, and Acunzo continues to impress me, and all the colors capture the tones of the locations perfectly, whether it’s a raging inferno or the eerie quiet of a cave. I’m digging Kerra’s new Sith look (she even has a tattoo so rarely seen on Sith anymore), but even as she plays the part, the good she still feels in her soul as a Jedi is reflected on her face, letting the reader know where she stands emotionally within the story without the assistance of any bubbles. I believe such a feature is difficult to capture in a single panel, but this team manages it quite well. This miniseries continues to entertain, and I believe we’re in for some “Sithy” business before too long. I say this because Kerra Holt is walking a dangerous line, and if I can see through the façade so easily, when will the Sith pick up on it, too?

4/5 Kath Hounds

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Lawrence Davis joined near its start, served as one of the original hosts for EUCast, and now reviews Star Wars comics since he consumes too many comics each week. He grew up watching the Star Wars films over and over again, and he dived into the EU after reading the X-wing book series and the New Jedi Order novel, Conquest.