Review: Knight Errant: Escape #3

Written by John Jackson Miller Pencils by Marco Castiello Pencil Assists by Andrea Chella Inks by Vincenzo Acunzo Colors by Michael Atiyeh Lettering by Michael Heisler Cover Art by Benjamin Carrè

Knight Errant: Escape #3

After a flashback origin for two of our now favorite Sith, and a bit about what makes up the “brightest light”, Star Wars: Knight Errant–Escape #3 accelerates our story closer towards its conclusion. John Jackson Miller continues to surprise me with his pacing and storytelling, and the art team does a wonderful job illustrating all the different moods and settings for the issue. Kerra Holt discovers something very disturbing about Odion’s empire, and although this side plot seems to come out of nowhere, John Jackson Miller may be setting us all up for a shocking finale, aside from the inevitable showdown between our heroine and the Sith she’s been working for and against. And I couldn’t help but smile at some of the humor later in the issue where we, the readers, will chuckle, but only one character can equally enjoy the exchange. The first half is mainly discussion and character development, but the art team gets lots of opportunity to shine in the second half by creating epic-looking panels for both our protagonist and the arrival of the big players, who Kerra has found herself right in the middle of since the Knight Errant series kicked off. And I can’t stress enough how well Kerra’s emotions are captured on her expression, from anger and frustration to curiosity and happiness; kudos to Marco Castiello and Andrea Chella for doing such a fine job. Only two issues remain for this miniseries, and I’m hoping to see some wonderful action sequences within the next two months. I’ve always struggled with remembering details long after I’ve read a Star Wars story without the big 3 or their families, but between these last three issues and the previous collected trade, Star Wars: Knight Errant–Deluge, this era is really beginning to grow on me, and I hope it’s grown on many Star Wars Expanded Universe fans, too.
4.5/5 Kath Hounds

4.5/5 Kath Hounds


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