Celebration VI Report – Dark Horse Comics Look Ahead: 2013

Dark Horse Comics held their main Celebration VI panel yesterday. In case you missed our live tweeting of it (something you can expect from all of the panels that we attend), here's a rundown of the information that we learned. The panel was hosted by Pablo Hildalgo, and featured Randy Stradley, Jan Duursema, Doug Wheatley, Dave Marshall, and John Jackson Miller. To kick-off the panel, Stradley warned the audience that there would be no new announcements made at CVI, but to expect plenty of news at the New York Comic Con in October. As we hopefully predicted on Twitter, Stradley wasn't telling the whole truth. The panel began with a look at some previously announced comics, and while most of the information given was already known, there were a few new details.
  • The first comic series discussed was Knight Errant. John Jackson Miller talked about the current arc, Escape, and some of the story that is already ongoing there. Kerra Holt believes that her parents may still be alive.
  • JJM then discussed the Lost Tribe of the Sith comic series, which began earlier this month with the Spiral arc. John mentioned that Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories is already on its third printing.
  • Hard Targets, the next arc of Agent of the Empire, revolves around the assassination of current Count of Sereno. It will feature cameos from Boba Fett, Winter, Darth Vader, Leia, and Bail.
To the delight of those in attendance, Randy Stradley wasn't being entirely truthful. We were briefly spoiled to the surprise when a slideshow displaying comic covers accidentally put up on image too soon - a cover showing  K'Kruhk.

Dark Times - Fire Carrier (via the Official Star Wars Blog)

  • They then proceeded to announce a new arc of Dark Times, titled Fire Carrier. The plot focuses on K'Kruhk and the padawans as it continues the story from the second arc in the series. It was noted that this arc is "intense" and should shake readers up, but that a future arc will be what fans have been waiting for since the beginning. Fire Carrier will begin early next year.
  • A new two part story was announced, titled Purge: The Tyrants Fist. Darth Vader goes to a primitive planet to hunt down a group of Jedi - but in the process, he realizes that ridding the galaxy of the Jedi for good will mean destroying what they represent.
  •  Brian Wood's new series, Star Wars, was briefly discussed. Stradley noted that a lot of rumors began when the series was announced, but that nobody has it right. He confirmed that the series is not a reboot, and advised the crowd to attend Wood's panel on Friday night to learn more. He also noted that the series will include Wedge and Mon Mothma.
With all prepared announcements made, the panel allowed for some Q&A time.
  • Invasion has reached a satisfying stopping point, and Dark Horse decided to let it end there for now. There is always a chance to revist the characters in the future. Likewise, there are no current plans for more The Old Republic comics.
  • Stradley talked about the collaboration between Dark Horse and Del Rey, and hinted that there have been talks about working together on a really cool series. One party would tell part of the story, while the other told a different part, and in the end the two would meet up.
  • Two volumes collecting the U.K. comics and other miscellaneous stories will be released in 2013.
  • When asked about a continuation of the Legacy series, either in the books or comics, Stradley said to "keep your eyes open".
That wrapped up the panel. Look for more Dark Horse coverage from CVI when we attend the Brian Wood and comic writer round-table panels.

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