Review: Knight Errant – Escape #4

Script: John Jackson Miller Pencils: Marco Castiello Pencil Assists: Andrea Chella Inks: Vincenzo Acunzo Colors: Michael Atiyeh Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Benjamin Carrè

Knight Errant – Escape #4

In the penultimate chapter of Star Wars: Knight Errant — Escape, the creative team shows us the horrors that awaits the galaxy now that Lord Odion has found exactly what he’s been looking for all this time.  This issue mainly exists to lead to next month’s conclusion, but all readers will be wondering, what will our heroine do to stop Odion’s next plan? Kerra Holt takes a bit of a backseat this month as our Sith baddie reveals all he has planned for the galaxy.  Miller ties Odion’s motivations back into past stories, stating that Odion might have said and done one thing before, but it was all leading to this.  The issue is written to show all the Helm of Ieldis is capable of and what dangers it could potentially unleash upon the rest of the galaxy.  Although this story doesn’t work as well for a single issue, it will work great for the collected edition when it’s available. The script was written to show the excitement that can be brought to a comic when the writing and art work very well together.  Since the helm requires key words to be muttered in order to unleash its powers, the panels jump between Odion and the armies, Odion’s words giving commentary to the changes in the battles.  The same story structure occurred in Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith when Palpatine ascended to Emperor while Darth Vader took care of the Separatist leaders, (which was homage to the Godfather films).  And these panels also allowed the art team to shine with more “epic” panels of all out war, even pulling Lord Daiman right into the middle of it. This was an issue for the art team to shine throughout the first half while the second half concludes one of Kerra Holt’s goals, but also introduces a larger, more urgent one.  Miller keeps the story moving quickly, and the art team doesn’t show any sign of slowing down; both good things leading into the miniseries’ finale.

4/5 Kath Hounds

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Lawrence Davis joined near its start, served as one of the original hosts for EUCast, and now reviews Star Wars comics since he consumes too many comics each week. He grew up watching the Star Wars films over and over again, and he dived into the EU after reading the X-wing book series and the New Jedi Order novel, Conquest.