Review: Lost Tribe of the Sith – Spiral #3

Script: John Jackson Miller Pencils: Andrea Mutti Inks: Pierluigi Baldassini Colors: Michael Atiyeh Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Paul Renaud The ancient Dark Jedi, Lord Dreypa, who was among the founders of the Sith, exiled and imprisoned on Kesh for thousands of years, has been released.  He wants to return to the galaxy to finish what he started so many millennia before.  Lord Dreypa also knows a few secrets about Kesh that even the Sith Tribe may not know.

Lost Tribe of the Sith – Spiral #3

This issue covers a lot of ground for twenty-two pages.  The book opens with the tale of Spinner's ancestors.  Showing us why he hates the leaders of the Tribe so much that he would ally himself with someone like Dreypa. Spinner, has unleashed this ancient evil onto the planet Kesh as part of his plan for revenge against the Sith Tribe.  The Tribe leaders have kept Spinner and his ancestors as slaves and second class citizens for centuries.  However Spinner quickly learns that the Dark Side does not share power. A lot of the story feels rushed, especially considering Dreypa and his plan of attack on the Sith Tribe.  This is most likely deliberate, showing Dreypa wasting no time in his plans to crush the Sith Tribe and find a way back to the galaxy at large.  Spinner even warns him that he is moving too fast for all of their forces to keep up. Lord Dreypa is an unusual character, Miller writes him as one of the Dark Jedi and early Sith of old, similar to characters in the Knights of the Old Republic era stories.  However, I found the way he is drawn to be more akin to a lesser Xmen villain.  He just does not look like a Star Wars character to me. However, Dreypa may be more than the entire Sith Tribe to handle, especially once he unleashes another long buried secret on Kesh.

3/5 Kath Hounds

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