Celebration VI Audio Drama “Smuggler’s Gambit” Available

At Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, guests were given a special treat in the form of an original drama written by director Kyle Newman called Smuggler's Gambit. Taking place during the Original Triology, the story was performed in the style of the old NPR radio dramas with a cast largely pulled from the very talented voice actors of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, along with David Collins from LucasArts in the lead role of Han Solo. The crowd loved the performance, and one of the first questions asked afterward was if it would eventually be released online. This week the Star Wars Blog has at long last made the live performance available for download, even including the audience reactions. You wouldn't guess this from listening to it, but it's important to note that this performance was unrehearsed. In fact, the cast didn't even get the script until about half an hour before going on stage. This goes to show just how talented these actors are. If you didn't have the good fortune to be at the Smuggler's Gambit performance at Celebration VI do yourself a favor and download it as soon as possible, you won't regret it. If you WERE there at Celebration, also download it and relive the fun! [Star Wars Blog]

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