Review: Agent of the Empire – Hard Targets #3

Script: John Ostrander Pencils: Davide Fabbri Inks: Christian Dalla Vecchia & Davide Fabbri Colors: Wes Dzioba Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Stephane Roux Life for the Count of Serenno is not an easy one.  Especially when that Count also carries the name Dooku.  This latest Count Dooku is the son of the Count assassinated in issue #1.  The young Dooku has been kidnapped by pirates.  This is now the third Count Dooku for those keeping track at home.

Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets #3

It's a good thing the Empire sent Agent Jahan Cross to oversee the transition of power because he is now the only hope of rescuing this youngest Dooku and exposing the truth behind the power struggle on Serenno. The kidnapper is a woman from Cross's past named Vex.  A very dangerous mercenary who has a colorful history with Cross.  Cross knows that if she goes into custody with the Serenno authorities he will never be able to get the information he needs from her.  So, of course he can't let the Serenno officials have her, but they wont turn her over to the Empire easily. Vex is locked away in a prison designed for holding Jedi built during the Clone Wars.  A clever disguise, some carefully planted gadgets and Cross is able to break into the maximum security prison, free Vex and use a prison riot as a cover to break out.  Cross even finds time to get the girl. Ostrander's writing continues to be fast and fun, pulling in some of the great hallmarks of the action spy genre.  Opening with a daring escape in hot pursuit of the kidnapper Vex and continuing all the way through the issue.  It's everything we would expect from this series.

4.0/5 Kath Hounds

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