New Book Announcement Coming Soon

Del Rey teased an upcoming Star Wars book announcement via Twitter today. No time frame for the official announcement was mentioned other than "soon," but it's nice to see that it will be similar to the announcements of Kenobi and Sword of the Jedi, which were both accompanied with promotional art. This hopefully means we should end up with a reasonable idea of what the book is about when it is shown off, unlike the untitled Paul S. Kemp duology that was mentioned at Celebration V that we (sadly) still have no idea about the content of. The initial tweet from Del Rey was on the vague side. It could have meant anything from a cover to one of the announced but untitled Rebels books or previously mentioned Kemp duology, to something that is completely unannounced.  LucasBooks' Senior Editor Jennifer Heddle was kind enough to give a few more details in the tweets shown below. As you can see, I might have spent some time today badgering people for information about the Kemp duology. So we know that this book is going to be something we haven't heard about at all, which opens up a ton of possibilities for what it might be. It could be anything from a new X-Wing story, to a Ben Skywalker spotlight novel, or another book set in the Old Republic period. Only time will tell, and hopefully the wait will be a short one.

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