New Star Wars: 1313 Screenshots

A few new screenshots of Star Wars: 1313 have surfaced over at Daily Mail. They appear to be taken from the demo shown when the game was first announced and look as stunning as ever. While the release platforms are still unconfirmed, due to the impressive Unreal Engine 4 technology the game uses, 1313 is likely to be a next-generation title. 1313 has also recently been mentioned in relation to the potential live-action Star Wars series. The show has long been rumored to have an 'underworld' type setting that could be similar to Level 1313 from the game, and designs used when planning the show are said to have influenced the production of 1313.  From this trailer you can see that the Coruscant underworld will also be seen later this season on The Clone Wars, again looking very similar to 1313 concept art. Head over to Daily Mail to check out the screenshots and read up on what they know about Star Wars: 1313. [Daily Mail via Jedi News | Entertainment Weekly]

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