Weekly EU Releases: Jan 13th – 19th

After the one-two punch of Timothy Zahn's Scoundrels and Brian Wood's Star Wars #1 kicking off 2013's Expanded Universe releases we get a bit of a breather this week. With no new EU releases, take this time to finish up Scoundrels if you haven't yet or catch up on anything else you've picked up recently. Don't forget that you can browse through The Essential Reader's Companion if you want to find something you might not have read before to fill this release downtime. While there are no EU releases this week we do get a new episode of The Clone Wars on Saturday. "Eminence" will pick up the Darth Maul storyline from the Season 5 premiere as Maul and Savage Opress recover from their defeat on Florrum and seek to join forces with the Mandalorian group Death Watch. Expanded Universe releases will pick up again next week. Check out our EU Release Schedule for a preview of what's coming!

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