The galaxy is filled with great Star Wars podcasts [Updated]

There have been a number of interesting shake-ups in the Star Wars podcast community as of late. The ForceCast is no more, with the former hosts moving to the all-new RebelForce Radio, and EUCantina's very own EUCast - which has been on hiatus for more than a year - is set to finally make its triumphant return on Monday. But there are a number of great Star Wars podcasts, hosted by fans of every sort. Here's a list of some of the most prominent Star Wars podcasts on the internet, as well as a few of our favorites. A few may be familiar, while others might surprise you. All, however, deserve a listen.

EUCantina's Solo Sound Podcasts


EUCantina's first podcast, EUCast is a fun-filled show dedicated to exploring our love of the Expanded Universe, as well as the films and television shows. The hosts of most of the other Solo Sound podcasts got their start on EUCast, and it quickly became a fan-favorite. Unfortunately, the podcast went on hiatus on October 28, 2011, only to return for two "Remixed" episodes in May and September of 2012. But EUCast will finally return - this time, for good - on January 21, 2013, complete with all of your favorite segments, interviews, discussions, and more!

We Talk Clones

The official Clone Wars review podcast of EUCantina and Solo Sound, We Talk Clones is dedicated to reviewing and dissecting each and every episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While the three primary hosts are always present, they usually like to bring on a guest for a fourth (and sometimes even fifth) opinion. You'll be hard-pressed not to enjoy this show, even if the hosts do make bad puns from time to time.

Tosche Station Radio

A production put on by both and Solo Sound, Tosche Station Radio is equipped with strong enthusiasm and a vast knowledge of all things Star Wars and geek-related. Be prepared for lots of geek culture news, discussion, and even snark in this fun podcast.

EUCantina's Top Picks

In addition to our own Solo Sound podcasts listed above, our staff favorites include: Far Far Away Radio One of the rising stars in Star Wars podcasts, Far Far Away Radio is a weekly show that offers a fresh perspective on the upcoming Star Wars films. The podcast aims to embrace fans around the globe with an infectious passion and genuine love for a franchise that is beloved by countless fans. It was created by the founders of, and Austin Blankenship and Andrew Lupi, the visionary minds behind It is an an entertaining and enthusiastic podcast that focuses on providing listeners with a positive and fun discussion. Joining Austin and Andrew are co-hosts Chris Carey (The Washington Post, and Jason Hamilton (,  Meg Humphery (, and Mallory Conlon. Intellectual discussion, a diverse group of friends, and humor combine as the hosts speculate about the future films with true zeal. Don’t let this instant classic slip through your fingers!

The Star Wars Report

The Star Wars Report is a fun and enjoyable podcast dedicated to covering all aspects of Star Wars fandom, from the films, TV shows, and the EU to event coverage and more. While the podcast is primarily devoted to Star Wars, the hosts will occasionally touch on other fandoms too. The hosts are great at what they do, and they got their start right here on EUCantina with EUCast and The Bothan Report!

Star Wars Beyond the Films

The official Expanded Universe podcast of The Star Wars Report, Star Wars Beyond the Films delves into all aspects of the EU, including the books, comics, video games, television shows, and much more. The show has its roots in ChronoRadio and The EU Review, and the hosts have a deep knowledge and enthusiasm for the material.

RebelForce Radio

The 20-ton gorilla in the room, RebelForce Radio is set to carry over the audience, connections, and production quality of The ForceCast. The show is dedicated to all things Star Wars, but the hosts are particularly enthusiastic about the films, television series, and fandom, as well as Billy Dee Williams, Kitster, and Ben Quadinaros.

Republic Forces Radio Network

Republic Forces Radio Network is a weekly show released when The Clone Wars is on the air - and sometimes even when it's not - that serves to review all aspects of the television series. Using a panel of people instead of regular "hosts," the podcast aims to give various perspectives on the episodes of the show while also playing and responding to a large amount of listener input.

The Star Wars Underworld

The Star Wars Underground caters to fans of everything Star Wars, from the movies to The Clone Wars, Expanded Universe, and more. The show is recorded live, and the hosts aim to inform and entertain with news, discussions, and timely interviews.

Other Great Star Wars Podcasts

Do you know of a podcast that we accidentally left off the list? Let us know in the comments! Update: The Star Wars Bookworms podcast was also just announced, bringing the count up to two new podcasts (including Full of Sith) and two rebooted podcasts in just over a week. This piece wouldn't have been possible without the help of Star Wars Fanworks, which tracks all of the Star Wars "fan radio shows." Also, please note that while there are many great Star Wars podcasts, it would be difficult to listen to every single one on a regular basis. As a result, the shows listed under our "Top Picks" are merely our staff favorites. Podcasts that are inaccessible or have not been updated in more than six months were not included.

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