Review: Agent of the Empire – Hard Targets #4

Script: John Ostrander Pencils: Davide Fabbri Inks: Christian Dalla Vecchia & Davide Fabbri Colors: Wes Dzioba Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Stephane Roux

Imperial Agent Jahan Cross' mission to oversee the power transfer on Serenno keeps getting more and more complicated.  Now Cross isn't sure which side to trust and he is out to reveal the puppet master behind this show.  But a new player is about to come in to make things even more complicated, Boba Fett.

Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets #4

Cross is torn between his duty as a loyal Imperial soldier and Intelligence Agent, and his need to protect the young Bron Dooku, the 10 year old Count of Serenno.  Bron, who is in the center of everything on Serenno but is also finding himself in the crosshairs at every turn.  Everyone on Serenno has their own agenda, and most want the young Count dead.

The issue opens with Cross having a heart to heart with the former head of the late Count's security, Chief Candra Tymon.  We get some very good dialogue about her background and how hard she had to work to be taken seriously as a female head of security.  Cross has to deliver some harsh news to her about his role in the prison breakout from the last issue.  She does not take this news well.  Cross still manages to convince her to join him though.

While they are on the hunt to find and save the young Count, the one time kidnapper and pirate Vex brings Boba Fett into the equation, but we don't know what they have planned.  Whatever it is, it can't be good for Bron.

The story ends in an underwater hideout with attack subs blasting and racing through a trench.  It's an exciting, big, action packed finale to the issue.  The underwater hideout fits with the James Bond super spy setting, but it felt odd to have a Gungan inspired Bongo and Underwater Bubble design.  It's even called Otoh Dooku.  It felt very out of place and distracting.  I think they could have come up with something more original.

This issue contains everything that we have come to enjoy from this series: fast paced exciting art, and terrific writing with great dialogue and strong characters.  This book is one you will want to read more than once.

3.5/5 Kath Hounds

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