Weekly Releases: Feb 17th – 23rd

There are no new books or comics out this week, but there is another big episode of The Clone Wars premiering on Saturday. Part three of the four part Season 5 finale, "To Catch a Jedi" continues the dramatic Ahsoka Tano arc. If you haven't been watching lately, you want to catch up quick. Big changes are happening in these episodes and fans are going to be buzzing about them until the next season of The Clone Wars (hopefully) starts, on whatever channel that may be. Since we have the room for it this week, I really do want to express how amazing The Clone Wars is these days. If you were one of the Star Wars fans that gave up on the show in the first or second season you're missing out now. The production quality of the series has improved incredibly from when it started back in 2008, and some of the stories are easily as compelling as the films or Expanded Universe favorites like the Thrawn Trilogy. What started out as a fun, but stiffly animated and somewhat childish cartoon has evolved into a stylish, exciting, and sometimes very adult television show that is an excellent addition to the Star Wars universe. The currently running arc is some of the most impressive stuff they've ever put out. All of this is a long way of saying that you should be watching The Clone Wars, or at the very least this arc of it. Whether you're an Original Trilogy fan, Prequel Trilogy fan, or anything in between, there is a lot for you to enjoy in these episodes.

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