Del Rey moves up the release dates for Kenobi and the Leia-centric Rebels novel

Good news everyone! Over on the Star Wars Books Facebook Del Rey editor Erich Schoeneweiss gave a few release date updates, and rather than novels being pushed back like usual, this time we get them sooner than expected. Martha Wells' Leia novel, part of the upcoming Rebels series, is scheduled for October 29, 2013, a week earlier than originally planned. I say planned rather than announced because I swear we never had a release date for that one before today. Kenobi by John Jackson Miller is also moving forward, now releasing on August 27th. That's a whole month earlier than the previous date, which many fans are likely to appreciate. Announced at last October's New York Comic Con, Kenobi takes place in between the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy and quickly became a very anticipated release. Both books will be releasing in hardcover and eBook formats. [Facebook via Club Jade]

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