Weekly Releases: Feb 24th – March 2nd

A ton of new Expanded Universe content is releasing this week, helping make up for the slow one we had last week. First up on Tuesday is a new paperback novel, The Last Jedi by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff. A follow up to the Coruscant Nights trilogy, The Last Jedi follows the Jedi Knight Jax Pavan in the aftermath of Order 66. Rather than disappear into exile, Jax takes the fight to the Empire in an attempt to rescue a resistance leader. Be sure to check out our review when it goes live on Tuesday. Wednesday sees two comic releases. Agent of the Empire - Hard Targets #5 is the conclusion to this arc of this "Star Wars meets James Bond" series. Can Agent Cross save a young Count Dooku (not that Count Dooku) even though he's without the backing of the Empire and Boba Fett is after Dooku? Dawn of the Jedi - Prisoner of Bogan #3 is also out on Wednesday. The Je'daii hunt after escaped prisoners Xesh and Lok as the two attempt to make Forcesabers, the dark side powered Rakatan version of lightsabers. Will one of the Je'daii fall when the two groups meet? The week will end with a bang when the season finale of The Clone Wars, "The Wrong Jedi" airs. This episode concludes a very strong arc that has taken the show much closer to the events of Revenge of the Sith. Will Ahsoka be able to prove her innocence? Who is really behind the bombing of the Jedi Temple? SPOILERS FOR "TO CATCH A JEDI" Will Ventress get her awesome helmet back? END SPOILERS Like I said last week, this arc has been one of the best that The Clone Wars has ever put out, and early word from a fan screening at Lucasfilm makes it sound like the ending doesn't disappoint. As usual, the publisher's summaries can be seen below, and keep an eye on our EU Release Schedule. A few release dates have shuffled around recently and a whole lot of new comics have been added! The Last Jedi
KNIGHT OF RECKONING The Emperor’s ruthless Order 66 has all but exterminated the Jedi. The few remaining who still wield the Force for good have been driven into exile or hiding. But not Jax Pavan, who’s been steadily striking blows against the Empire—as a lone guerrilla fighter and a valued partner of Whiplash, a secret Coruscant-based resistance group. Now he’s taking on his most critical mission: transporting a valued Whiplash leader, targeted for assassination, from Coruscant to safety on a distant world. It’s a risky move under any circumstances, but Jax and his trusted crew aboard the Far Ranger, including the irrepressible droid I-Five, are prepared to pit their combat skills and their vessel’s firepower against all Imperial threats—except the one Jax fears most. Reports have raced across the galaxy that the dark lord of the Sith has fallen in a duel to the death with a Rebel freedom fighter. But Jax discovers the chilling truth when he reaches out with the Force . . . only to touch the dark, unmistakable, and malignantly alive presence that is Darth Vader. And Jax knows that Vader will stop at nothing until the last Jedi has fallen.
Agent of the Empire - Hard Targets #5 (of 5)
Everyone—including Boba Fett—is after the young Count Dooku. As Cross and the Count’s loyal security guard attempt to whisk the boy to safety, they are surrounded by enemies! In the past, Cross had the power and authority of the Empire behind him. Now he has nothing but his fists!
Dawn of the Jedi - Prisoner of Bogan #3 (of 5)
Xesh and Daegen Lok are on a mission to build Forcesabers—a weapon that Lok knows will take him closer to his vision of being leader of the Je’daii. But the Je’daii Rangers are on the pair’s trail, and this first encounter between the Je’daii and the prisoners of Bogan will carry heavy consequences!
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