Star Wars: 1313 development has reportedly stalled

The very impressive looking and possibly next-generation video game Star Wars: 1313 hasn't been heard about since its last major showing at Star Wars Celebration VI in August. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, and thus LucasArts, word started to spread that Disney's video game focus would be more on casual games than AAA console titles like 1313 was shaping up to be. Some fans started to get nervous. What did this mean for 1313? Would development shift to a different developer as Disney decided how to best use LucasArts? Would the game be cancelled? It wouldn't be the first time an anticipated Star Wars video game has been cancelled, as people hoping for a Battlefront 3 know well. LucasArts has stated that production continues on 1313, but they don't say in what capacity. Kotaku has been doing some digging and it looks like there is a strong possibility that the game has been put on hold as focus at Lucasfilm shifts to the sequel trilogy and standalone films, rather than the long planned live-acton television series that 1313 was originally slated to tie into. It's worth reading the whole Kotaku article to get the full details, but the gist of it is that 1313 could be in trouble. While fans have been busy wondering what the fate of The Clone Wars will be and making sure that Disney knows we want more of the show, we've almost forgotten about this stunning game. If you're a fan of Star Wars games, now is the time to let Disney know that 1313 has the potential to be something great. It'd be a shame if this game becomes another Battlefront 3. [Kotaku]

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