Datapad Daily: A New Slate

Hello everyone! Welcome to's daily column, Datapad Daily, where I'll take a question of interest from the galaxy far, far away, and I throw it at you all. This week, the question comes from recent events happening at the parent coming behind Star Wars, Lucasfilm. The company that Star Wars built was bought by Disney late last year, and if movements are any indication, they are very much looking forward to the future. Announced not too long ago was that The Clone Wars - a source of both enjoyment and grief for Star Wars fans- would not be coming back to network television. The show, which ran from 2008 to 2013, would be wrapped up in the form of "bonus content" in the near future, although how and where has yet to be announced. Rumors indicate that it will be two story arcs, although that has yet to be confirmed or denied by Disney. But The Clone Wars is not the only project that Disney is looking at under the tough eye of scrutiny; over at LucasArts, both Star Wars 1313 and the not even officially announced Star Wars: First Assault video games are reportedly on hold, with rumors going around that LucasArts itself might get the ax. So, today's question is: Do you feel comfortable with Disney wanting to move forward instead of looking back? Let us know in the comments!

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