Review: Dark Times – Fire Carrier #3

Script: Randy Stradley Art: Gabriel Guzman Colors: Garry Henderson Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Douglas Wheatley Chases are always fun. I said the story would pick up now that the chase is on to stop Master K'Kruhk and his group of younglings, and Randy Stradley and Gabriel Guzman did not let me down. This may not be the 108th issue of Dark Times as the cover seems to imply (it is for Republic, however), but the cover is correct in calling it spectacular.

Dark Times - Fire Carrier #3

Stradley balances the story very well in this issue. After the discovery at the end of the last issue, the Jedi Masters and the younglings would have trouble dealing with what they see (and what they later witness), so it's perfect that time is spent exploring why the younglings' revenge declarations aren't the answer. But when your own actions are being cited against you, it's more difficult to still say “no.” And the greatest parts of the story maybe yet to come as the Jedi are interrupted by another horrific scene, and the Imperials' story finally begins to tie into the Jedi's story (honestly, I never had my doubts...honestly!). Guzman's art goes on to amaze me this issue as well. Although one panel doesn't truly illustrate the use of Force push well enough for me to recognize it at first, and a couple other panels black-out objects in the foreground, I can't help but be continually impressed with the emotions drawn onto all of the different alien expressions. When a youngling calls for revenge, you don't need the talk bubble to know it. You also don't need the brief flashback into K'Kruhk's past to know that he feels regret. And the panel of the sickening sounds the Jedi and younglings hear conveys just how horrible it must have been. Guzman's style transitions to action well, too, and everyone likes a big explosion now and then. Overall, I was hoping for this miniseries to go like this. We still have a couple more issues until it's over, and not every party in the story has appeared just yet. This is how I've always pictured and enjoyed Star Wars, even during the dark times.

4/5 Kath Hounds

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