Electronic Arts gains the rights to future Star Wars game development

video-game-news-v5 EA-Logo-500x500-142x142Fans of Star Wars video games were recently dealt a crushing blow when it was announced that game developer LucasArts was being shuttered and all in-development games, such as Star Wars: 1313, were cancelled. Many feared that Disney was going to shift their focus to purely casual/mobile Star Wars games. Lucasfilm addressed fan concerns today by announcing that publisher Electronic Arts has entered a multi-year deal to develop future Star Wars games for console, PC, mobile, and tablets. While it is true that EA as a publisher has its faults, the actual developers mentioned in the press release should give gamers cause for excitement. Star Wars gamers are already well aware of BioWare, the developers of Knights of the Old Republic, along with the acclaimed Mass Effect series. Those longing for a Star Wars: Battlefront 3 should be excited to know that DICE, developers of the popular shooter series Battlefield, will also be developing future Star Wars games. Visceral Games, who created the very detailed (and terrifying) universe of the Dead Space games, was also listed. Death Troopers: The Video Game anyone? After a long period of news consisting of cancellations and layoffs, this is something that we can be excited about. The games that many of us have been wanting for years may finally have found developers that can bring them to life in exciting ways. The future looks bright for Star Wars video games. [StarWars.com]

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