Ewoks – Shadows of Endor solicited

comic-news-v2 Shadows of the Empire was a multimedia project set after The Empire Strikes Back, showing what Luke, Leia and others were up to before Return of the Jedi. Dark Horse Comics will be releasing what I can only hope is a spiritual successor to Shadows of the Empire on October 16th when the digest sized Ewoks - Shadows of Endor hits stores. Taking place on the forest moon of Endor and leading into Return of the Jedi, Shadows of Endor will bring us back to the glory days of the 80's Ewok films and cartoons. The Ewoks rivals, the Agluks, have been enslaved by the Empire. Terrible beasts have been awakened. Cute drawings have been drawn! At only $7.99, I don't think I'm going to be able to turn this one down. Dark Horse is really embracing the quirky past of Star Wars in the near future. In addition to Shadows of Endor, there are also two omnibus collections of rare comics on the way, along with the limited series The Star Wars. [DarkHorse.com]

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