Review: Legacy #3

Legacy Banner 3Script: Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman Art: Gabriel Hardman Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Dave Wilkins Ania Solo, Sauk and the Assassin droid AG-37 are on the run.  It seems every where they turn they find someone who is out to kill them.  This has been the constant in their lives since Ania found that lightsaber.  Now it seems there is something else for everyone to shoot at, Imperial Knight Jao Assam.

Legacy #3

Assam has come to seek out what has happened to his fellow Imperial Knight Yalta Val.  Assam quickly realizes that something much larger is going on in this distant corner of the galaxy.  The Sith impersonating Val knows that Assam is a danger to his plans. This whole issue is practically one big action scene.  Ania shows her Solo heritage, trying to outrun fighters in an ill equipped freighter.  She has an ability to improvise under pressure and use what's available in a way that would make her Great Great Grandparents proud.  In the great Star Wars tradition, we learn as much about these characters in the way they handle stress and danger as we do in their dialogue.  There is no doubt about Ania being a Solo. I really enjoyed this issue, the action is exciting and the story moves very quickly.  My major complaint against the issue is that we are now in Issue #3 and I have no clue what it is that the Sith want.  Why is this backwater area so important?  What do they hope to gain with a communication array?  It's clear that the Sith is working on a timetable too as he is pushing the workers to get the array finished. If he wanted it destroyed, their are much easier ways to destroy it.  I think we should have had a hint by now as to what the dastardly plan is and why they need the real Master Val alive. I continue to enjoy Bechko's writing and Hardman's art.  They really work to separate this book from the other Star Wars titles, making it feel very unique, but it also has so many elements that feel like Star Wars.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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