Weekly Releases: May 26 – June 1

Weekly Releases Dark Horse Comics' Omnibus program has a new release this Wednesday. Wild Space Volume 1 is a collection of Star Wars comics that otherwise would be uncollectable. Containing comics from toys, kids magazines, and even Apple Jacks cereal boxes, this is one of the more unique Omnibuses we've seen. Many of these comics are pretty rare due to their unusual natures, so this should be a great book for collectors. A second volume is currently scheduled for early October. Head over to our EU Release Schedule to keep up to date on the Expanded Universe lineup for the rest of the year. Wild Space Volume 1
A wild collection of rare Star Wars comics, including Alan Moore’s Marvel UK tales, the three issues from Blackthorne (originally in 3-D), and a slew of stories from toy pack-ins, cereal boxes, and Star Wars Kids and Pizzazz magazines! Collects Star Wars 3-D #1–#3; Star Wars: Devilworlds #1–#2; Star Wars: Death Masque; Star Wars Weekly #60, #94–#99, and #104–#115; Star Wars from Pizzazz #10–#16; The Rebel Thief, X-Wing Marks the Spot, Imperial Spy, and The Gambler’s Quest from Star Wars Kids #1–#15; Star Wars: The Mixed-Up Droid; Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Galoob minicomic; Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Ertl minicomic; and Star Wars: Droids from Apple Jacks.

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