Knights of the Old Republic Hits iPad Devices

In honor of the legendary game's upcoming 10th anniversary, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is now available exclusively on Apple iPad devices through the Apple App store. Kotor, as many fans of the game now refer to it, first hit retail in July of 2003 for the Xbox and later for the PC/MAC and has been acclaimed ever since, for both its gameplay and memorable story. It even spurred a sequel, tie-ins, and expanded on an entirely new era to the Star Wars Expanded Universe as a whole. Aspry Media has released the iPad version of Knights of the Old Republic for $10, and will set you back just under 2GBs to download and enjoy. Not sure if you should pick up this new version? IGN gave it an 8.8, praising the crisp look, refined RPG mechanics, story, and good touch controls. []

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