Review: Star Wars #6

Star Wars 6 Review BannerScript: Brian Wood Art: Carlos D'Anda Colors: Gabe Eltaeb Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Rodolfo Migliari Last month's Star Wars #5 felt lacking and unfocused.  This month's Issue #6 is the complete opposite.  It seems that the creators feel the same way about the story that we the readers do.  They have established all the separate stories and now can devote an entire issue to an individual story.

Star Wars #6

Of course we knew that Leia would survive the ordeal of Issue #5, but that didn't lower the tension of the splash page showing her crippled X-wing floating dead in space.  All the while they waited for a Star Destroyer fleet to catch up to them.  So I'm glad that this month we get an entire issue dealing with Leia and the Not Quite Rogue Squadron pilots. This time around, the Rebels do what the Rebels do best, turn overwhelming odds and certain death into a chance to live, refusing to go down without a fight.  I enjoyed seeing Luke and Leia work together to MacGyver their way out of the situation.  But, these events do not exist without consequences.  In saving one life they may have put many others in danger.  They have won the day, but at a great cost. Once again, I have to praise Carlos D'Anda's art.  The X-wings are but ants under the Star Destroyer's boot.  In 2 panels we get the full scope of the Empire's blitzkrieg assault, fast, and powerful but also arrogant. The issue wraps with a few panels of Bircher planning his next assault, Han Solo on the run and one rather odd exchange from Darth Vader to his latest protege Officer Birra Seah.  There is something that just doesn't feel right about Darth Vader telling someone "May the Force be with you." The tease for next issue has me hoping that #7 is primarily focused on Han Solo and how he will escape Coruscant.  I'm glad to see the creators taking changes and not the same rhythm and routine issue after issue.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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