Review: Dark Times – Fire Carrier #5

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Script: Randy Stradley Art: Gabriel Guzman Colors: Garry Henderson Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Douglas Wheatley The actions of a few do not represent the beliefs of all, so help can come from unsuspecting places when all other evidence says otherwise. Although the action's climax is a whimper, the Jedi's message finishes strong, and that's how the team behind Star Wars: Dark Times—Fire Carrier end the story for now.

Dark Times - Fire Carrier #5

Randy Stradley shows he was weaving an aspiring story with Masters K'Kruhk, Zao, and the group of younglings under their care, even when circumstances on the Imperial front didn't look promising. Constantly, the story jumped between the Jedi group and a few important Imperial officers, and that side story actually came back to play a role, though I stated in past reviews it might have been setting up for the next story arc under the Dark Times banner. Stradley may leave some loose ends, particularly in the final bit of narration, but the title of “Fire Carrier” is concluded. We'll just have to wait to see what comes next because I don't believe this is the end of K'Kruhk's story. Gabriel Guzman's art and Michael Heisler's colors truly did help drive this story to its conclusion. The ways I interpreted expressions turned out to be incorrect, but as I look back, I realize the truth was there in every panel. The art team might not have gotten the grand action-filled, illustrative conclusion they (okay, maybe mostly me) wanted, but the dark display in the opening pages isn't easily dismissed. I look forward to hopefully seeing more of Guzman's illustrations of a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars: Dark Times—Fire Carrier was a good story, particularly for this ending. Thanks to the creative team, and soon we'll revisit the other characters who've shared the Dark Times title in a couple months.

4/5 Kath Hounds

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