Weekly Releases: June 9 -15

Weekly Releases It's a light week for Expanded Universe releases. Star Wars #6 will be out on Wednesday, continuing the story of Leia's undercover squadron. While there might only be one release this week, some big news for video game fans will be coming later today from Electronic Arts' E3 press conference. EA recently acquired the license to produce Star Wars games. While it's unlikely any games are very far in development at this point, the company has said they'll be discussing their plans for Star Wars at E3. EA's conference will take place at 1 PM Pacific Time. Be sure to check back here later for our E3 report, and as always, keep an eye on the EU Release Schedule to see what's ahead. Star Wars #6
When he and Chewbacca are cornered by Imperials, Han Solo resorts to an improvised plan—with the most dangerous results imaginable! Meanwhile, half a galaxy away, Princess Leia and Wedge Antilles prepare for certain death, unaware that Luke Skywalker has an improvisation of his own. And Darth Vader is watching...

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