DICE working on a new Star Wars Battlefront – UPDATE: See the trailer here

video-game-news-v3 Electronic Arts briefly teased a new Star Wars video game at their E3 press conference today. After discussing the Frostbite 3 game engine that their Stockholm, Sweden based studio DICE developed, a short trailer was shown. We were treated to a first-person view of someone walking through a snowy area with some wreckage on the ground. After a few red flashes from overhead, a snowspeeder came flying by and a Star Wars Battlefront title card graced the screen. This is big news for Star Wars gamers. The Battlefront series has long been a fan favorite, and many have been clamoring for a sequel. A new game in the series being developed by the people at DICE, who are behind the very successful Battlefield first-person shooter series, is something that instantly seemed like a great match when EA acquired the rights to Star Wars video games. Keep an eye on EUCantina over the next few days for more details on Star Wars Battlefront, and look for this post to be updated with the teaser when it is available online. Update: See the teaser below!

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