Weekly Releases: July 14th – 20th

Weekly Releases Darth Vader in all the comics! Everyone's favorite Jedi hero turned Sith Lord is featured on the covers of both comics that release this Wednesday. Dark Times starts a new arc this week with A Spark Remains #1which follows the crew of the Uhumele as they begin plotting to take down Vader. Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #4 sounds like it'll be a very full issue, featuring assassins, prophecies, and deadly weapons. It also has one of the most fun covers for a Star Wars comic that I've seen in a while. Vader about to be eaten by a giant beast? Most impressive. Dark Times - A Spark Remains #1
Reunited with the ragtag crew of the Uhumele, Jedi Dass Jennir is surprised to find them plotting with another Jedi to take down the iron fist of the new Galactic Empire—Darth Vader himself! Having only just found love and a reason to live, Jennir is reluctant to join—but their plan may be too good to pass up...
Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #4
In the ruins of an ancient moon, Darth Vader encounters an evil people with a dark prophecy and a powerful weapon. They are a threat to the Empire and Vader will force them to serve—or crush them all! Meanwhile, the assassin hunting Vader still lurks...

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