Review: Dark Times–A Spark Remains #1

DTASR 1 Script: Randy Stradley Art: Douglas Wheatley Colors: Dan Jackson Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Benjamin Carre Once again, Jedi Master Dass Jennir takes center stage and he's even teaming up with the crew of the Uhumele to strike a critical blow to the Empire—a blow that will weaken it by half. Randy Stradley and Douglas Wheatley, two creative talents that are well known to Star Wars comics, join together to tell this story, spending the first issue of Dark Times—A Spark Remains catching-up new and reminding veteran readers alike to what's happened before and teasing them of twists to come.

Dark Times--A Spark Remains #1

Randy Stradley's script starts at the beginning of the climax, which may leave many fans craving to know what comes next, but the story then jumps a few weeks earlier to let readers see how the story gets there. Showing part of the conclusion and then jumping back to see a character debate whether to assist the Uhumele in their plan or not seems like a waste of time, but Stradley uses that time to include single-panel flashbacks to past Dark Times stories and plot points. Stradley also teases some future revelations that I want to know the answers to right now, and that's exactly how you hook a reader. Douglas Wheatley always does a fantastic job with his art, and even with only a handful of pages of action, he still shines with his details for characters and locations. The Uhumele's crew are all aliens, each with their own sad story to tell, and when they're discussing Master Sahdett's plan, Wheatley captures that darkness in each character's expression. And even with the story primarily focused on Jennir and the others, when Falco Sang's story is revisited, the script still manages to call for an epic Darth Vader pose that should leave readers laughing because of the circumstance. Dark Times—A Spark Remians #1 sets up the entire miniseries, detailing the past and teasing the future. What those teases are is left to discussion, but with an opening number of pages like this, who wouldn't be ready to see it unfold over the coming months?

3.5/5 Kath Hounds

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