Review: Dark Times–A Spark Remains #2

DTASR 1 Script: Randy Stradley Art: Douglas Wheatley Colors: Dan Jackson Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Benjamin Carre Most early middle issues drag, advancing the story a little in order to begin setting up the climax. I can think of many instances where I get to the end of a second issue in a story arc or miniseries, shrug, then close the book, wondering if I'll remember what's happening until the next issue. However, with Star Wars: Dark Times—A Spark Remains #2, I'm left in a bewilderment, anxious to know what happens next.

Dark Times--A Spark Remains #2

Like most second issues, not much happens, but Randy Stradley does a bit more toward the end. Stradley's script moves fast, moving the characters through several different locations, jumping to bounty hunter Falco Sang's training briefly, and bringing a certain Sith master into his apprentice's endeavors. Everything teased in the first issue is teased again here, and that's where I catch myself waving my hand, motioning for the story to pick up the pace. Stradley must have known readers would do something like this, so after we all finish gritting our teeth after meeting a Bothan Jedi Master (if I've never mentioned how much I don't like Bothans, this is my warning to you to not bring it up :) ), Stradley throws a wrench into the story's gears, and we now have to wait until next issue to see just how much damage this wrench does. Douglas Wheatley's art continues to amaze me. The first part of the story and most of the panels featuring human characters seem really realistic to me, the attention to detail Wheatley gives to the characters making them jump off the page. The alien characters look almost as life-like as the human ones, Wheatley still nailing every “silent” panel where only Bomo's expression must speak to the reader. Of course, Bomo is a tragic character, so it's an expression we're all too familiar with unfortunately. For the brief action-filled panels, Wheatley does a good job capturing the power behind each blow, and I find myself longing for a lot more of it. Whatever this plan Dass Jennir is hatching, I hope it is as full of intense action as these brief skirmishes have been. Once more, I'm waiting for the next issue, so Stradley and Wheatley are doing their jobs very well. We're just about guaranteed all that I want from this miniseries next month, at least a tease of the finale, and that makes this Star Wars fan pretty excited. The story is still young, so if you haven't checked it out just yet, now is the time to jump on for the ride.

3.5/5 Kath Hounds

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