Weekly Releases: September 1 – 7

Weekly Releases If you've ever been curious to see what Star Wars would have been like if some of George Lucas' early drafts were used, now is your chance. The Star Wars #1, first of an eight issue comic series, is out on Wednesday. The series adapts Lucas' rough drafts for Star Wars. It is written by J. W. Rinzler with art by Mike Mayhew. I'm going to let the publisher's description speak for itself this week, so check it out below. The Star Wars #1 (of 8)
Annikin Starkiller is the hero . . . Luke Skywalker is a wizened Jedi general . . . Han Solo is a big green alien . . . and the Sith . . . Well, the Sith are still the bad guys. High adventure and derring-do from longer ago, in a galaxy even further away! * Official adaptation of George Lucas’s original screenplay for Star Wars!

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