TFU Nominated for Best Writing within a Video Game (UPDATED)

The Writers Guild of America has nominated Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Best Writing within a Video Game!  The Official Star Wars Blog has the full story:
We at LucasArts are quite proud to have  gotten some love from the Writers Guild. Regardless of what critics may have said about The Force Unleashed, they all agreed that the story was brilliant. And why not? Expanding the storyline of our beloved mythology, blazing ahead into previously unexplored dark times - who wouldn’t love that? Coupled with brilliantly crafted voicework and well directed cinematics, the story sucked in many a gamer. So, we extend congratulations to our friends Haden Blackman, Shawn Pitman, John Stafford and Cameron Suey. Give them some love - they worked incredibly hard on the game and deserve every bit of honor they may be given.
Head on over to the Official Star Wars Blog for the full article.  Congratulations to LucasArts on the nomination! Source: The Official Star Wars Blog Update: Corrected article. Update # 2: (Originally posted 1/13/09) The Force Unleashed won! Visit here for the full story; congrats to TFU team!

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