Weekly Releases: September 15 – 21

Weekly Releases The most crossover-y release ever is out this week, when National Geographic Angry Birds Star Wars: The Science Behind the Saga releases this Tuesday. The book will use children's love of Angry Birds and Star Wars to teach them about science. Look for our review soon. Fans of the Dark Times comic series have two options available this Wednesday. Dark Times - A Spark Remains #3 takes the current arc to its midpoint, while Dark Times Volume 6 - Fire Carrier collects the most recent completed arc. If you've been holding off on checking out Brian Wood's Star Wars comic, the first collected volume, In the Shadow of Yavin hits stores on Wednesday.

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Brian joined EUCantina in 2012 as a news reporter. He saw the Original Trilogy when he was so young that he can’t even remember the first time he saw them. His earliest EU memory is listening to audio books of the Jedi Academy trilogy with his family, and since then he has gotten his hands on as much EU material as he can, loving the novels, comics and video games.