Review: Legacy #7

Legacy Banner 7 Script: Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman Art: Brian Albert Thies Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg Lettering: Michelle Rosenberg Cover Art: Livio Ramondelli When we last left Ania Solo, she and Imperial Knight Jao were trying to sneak off of the Star Destroyer that was escorting them back to Coruscant to meet with the Empress.  Now they are on the hunt for the newest Sith on the block, Darth Wredd.  Ania and Jao's hunt for the Sith doesn't have much to go on except for Jao's vision and a few needles hidden in a galaxy size haystack.

Legacy #7

While hunting through local records we do get hints that there is more to Ania than just a famous last name and being a  junk dealer on a backwater planet.  There are clues that she may have even been involved in the last war, but whose side was she on?  It's a huge tease, but they give you just enough to keep you coming back for more.  Maybe Bechko and Hardman have been taking notes from JJ Abrams now that he is in the Lucasfilm family. The Great Sith Hunt leads Ania and Jao to one of the stranger worlds in the Galaxy Far Far Away, the planet of Nalyd.  A planet that is home to flying jellyfish and small humanoids.  The world itself feels very strange but what Ania and Jao encounter feels very much like classic Star Wars with giant creatures, daring escapes and a public execution arena. I've enjoyed Ania's character so far, but this book just made me enjoy her that much more.  You can see so much of Han Solo in her, but there is another part to her.  In the quieter moments you can sense that she is fighting with herself over the correct course of action.  Bechko and Hardman have created a great multilayered character here in just a few issues, unique and original but also familiar. While the galaxy enjoys a relative calm between Sith attacks, focus has begun shifting to the Mon Calamari world of Dac.  More and more signs are pointing to something big happening on Dac.  I don't think it's a coincidence either that Ania's best friend before getting swept up into the larger galaxy was a Mon Calamari. This book continues to be a fun and exciting book.  I can't wait to see where it's going each month.
3.5/5 Kath Hounds

3.5/5 Kath Hounds

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