Review: Star Wars #11

Star Wars 11 Review Banner Script: Brian Wood Art: Carlos D'Anda Colors: Gabe Eltaeb Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Sean Cooke Everything is about to change drastically for our heroes in Star Wars #11.  The Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator has tracked the Rebel Alliance fleet and is ready to strike.  While Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles have a daring plan for escaping and making it back home to the fleet, in the middle of a battle.

Star Wars #11

Colonel Bircher and the Devastator have shown up and the Rebel Fleet doesn't stand a chance.  Most of the issue pertains the battle, and rightly so.  This turns out to be a pretty important battle for the Rebels and Imperials.  It does seem rather fitting too that this was the same Star Destroyer that we first saw in the opening of A New Hope, another large turning point in the Galactic Civil War. Carlos D'Anda's art really gets the opportunity to shine here with the battle between the Devastator and Home One.  It feels like it's one part battle over Endor mixed with battle scenes from Battlestar Galactica.  We really see how the two capital ships slug it out against each other, and how grossly overmatched the Rebels are against the Star Destroyer.  They really don't stand a chance against the Imperial battleships. Not everything in this issue is centered around the battle.  We get a brief update on Han, Chewie and their new friend Perla.  She helped them get off of Coruscant, but at the cost of her not being able to return.  It's a fun scene with some great banter back and forth between the three.  She has an offer to make Solo and the Rebellion.  I hope that Perla continues to be a part of the story, she's an enjoyable character, and a nice reminder for the life that Han Solo is leaving behind by joining the Rebellion. Between Luke, Han, Leia and now Perla and Prithi we have enough love triangles to start a soap opera.  It's easy to forget that we are in the time where Luke did not know Leia was his sister. The issue is bookended with Darth Vader and his latest protege Birra Seah.  She has failed Vader and knows that is not a mistake you get to make twice.  Between Birra Seah and the unforeseen outcome of the battle, it's easy to see why Vader is so angry and short tempered with his officers at the beginning of Empire Strikes Back. Brian Wood continues to write a very enjoyable Star Wars story here with several twists that I never saw coming.  Wood has written a story that has both built on all that has come before but also feels new and original.  There is just one more issue in this current story arc, I can't wait to see where he takes it from here.
4.5/5 Kath Hounds

4.5/5 Kath Hounds

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