Review: Legacy #9

Legacy Banner 9 Script: Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman Art: Brian Albert Thies Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Agustin Alessio Ania Solo, Imperial Knight Jao Assam and their new friends Luen and Tikin are trapped in an escape pod quickly sinking into the poisoned depths of Dac.  The Mon Cala homeworld that was once a world filled with life is now a dark watery grave for our heroes.

Legacy #9

Their escape pod turned tomb continues to sink towards the deep dark depths of the poisoned sea.  In Star Wars you can always count on your friends or your droids to save you when things look their darkest, and it's very dark in the oceans of Dac.  Did the droid get their distress call out in time? The creaking hull and cracking glass add to the tension and suspense as the pod sinks ever deeper.  Will they find a way out, will help arrive in time?  Of course we know they will survive, but that doesn't lessen the suspense. The Quarren and Mon Cala were lured back to Dac with the promise of a new life and beginning, but what they found was a tortured and brutal life of pain and misery.  It's not just the water of Dac that is poisoned, it is the heart and soul of all the Mon Cala and Quarren who have found themselves unlucky enough to be there. Ania and Jao did manage to get a signal out before they took their scenic tour of the ocean floor.  Word has reached all the way to Coruscant and Jao's master Yalta Val.  No matter how much things have changed hundreds of years after the fall of the Republic and the fall of the Empire the bureaucracy is still slow to act even when presented with proof no matter who is in charge. More and more forces are moving against our latest Sith lord, Darth Luft.  Things do not look good for him in the upcoming issues. Once again Hardman and Bechko have delivered a great story.  This series continues to be filled with everything we love about Star Wars: exciting action, suspenseful cliffhangers, twisted villains and brave heroes.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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