Review: Dark Times–A Spark Remains #5

DTASR 5 Script: Randy Stradley Art: Douglas Wheatley Colors: Dan Jackson Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Benjamin Carre Another Dark Times miniseries has come and gone. What started off great with fun developments failed to reach a satisfying conclusion story-wise, but the art remained at the top of its game.

Dark Times--A Spark Remains #5

Randy Stradley had a great story going here, but something went wrong toward the end. Last issue set up this one, which made every fan expecting one heck of an exciting fight. Unfortunately, it didn't come. A trap sprung, a twist happened, and somehow, I reached the end feeling disappointed. In comics, endings are hard to get right, and though Stradley did a great job getting us here, the epic clash was denied to us once again. While the story whimpered off, the art remained strong. Douglas Wheatley got some action--mostly revisited from the first issue--and drew some great fire (many times, even). The lightsaber battle was extremely one sided, and I felt bad for the loser, even when his alien race is factored into the equation. Wheatley remains one of my favorite artists, and I'm sure he's not done with the galaxy far, far away yet. In the end, it just wasn't meant to be, but this wasn't the end of Dass Jennir and the crew of the Uhumele's journey either. Vader will continue to chase them in order to right a very severe wrong in his own eyes, but who knows when that will be with a story that starts so strong and then whimpers off to hint at another coming down the line. Here's to the next one!

3/5 Kath Hounds

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