Review: Dawn of the Jedi: Force War #3

Dawn of the Jedi Force War Banner 3 Story: John Ostrander & Jan Duursema Script: John Ostrander Pencils: Jan Duursema Inks: Dan Parsons Colors: Wes Dzioba Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: David Michael Beck The Je'daii have succeeded in pushing back against the forces of the Rakatan Infinite Empire.  However, the Rakatans will not be defeated so easily.  They have set a trap and the Je'daii have fallen right into it.  Now the Je'daii find themselves leaderless as both Xesh and Daegen Lok have been captured.

Dawn of the Jedi: Force War #3

Issue #3 opens with the battle of Ska Gora still raging on.  What ground the Je'daii have gained they are beginning to quickly lose as they realize that many of their powerful warriors and leaders have been captured.  The focus is on Shae Koda here as she attempts to rally the troops while she worries about her lost love Xesh.  The Rakatans may soon learn that they do not want to stand between Shae Koda and the man she loves. While the battle takes up the first third of the book, it's hardly the main thrust of the plot.  The biggest part of this issue is the reveal of the Rakatan's plan for Tython and Xesh's role in it.  Ostrander and Duursema give us the plan that has been at work the whole time.  It is a lot of exposition but it's presented to us in such a way that it doesn't feel like an info dump.  At the end of it you are left wondering if Xesh was really the evil puppet or, if like Darth Vader, there is still good in him.  Did Shae Koda and the Je'daii have an influence on him or was it all part of the plan? Xesh's true power is revealed here.  I did find myself wondering why he was still a slave to the Rakatan since he could easily turn his power against them.  It just shows the emotional and mental damage done by years of torture and servitude that he doesn't turn his incredible power on them.  However, he doesn't think twice to turn his power against the Je'daii, taking away a major advantage over the Rakatans. The quality of writing and art that we have come to expect from Ostrander and Duursema continues here.  The Dawn of the Jedi story has just gotten better and better with each issue that has come out and it looks like they are building it to a big finish.
4/5 Kath Hounds

4/5 Kath Hounds

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