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Column Star Wars comics will be moving to Marvel Comics in 2015. Due to licensing agreements, this means that Dark Horse Comics, the current license holder, must sell all of their Star Wars stock to retailers by then. While this doesn't mean that stores won't be selling any Dark Horse Star Wars comics after that deadline, it means that once their stock runs out, they're out for good. This has lit a fire under me to buy what I'm missing, so I'm putting together a list of Dark Horse Star Wars collections. This post will focus on the Omnibus line, which collects other trade paperbacks or rare comics (and will get you the most bang for your buck). Omnibuses that are solicited but not yet released are also included. For a list of collections that haven't made it into an omnibus yet, and might not ever now, check here. Star Wars Omnibuses X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Vol. 1 - 3 These volumes follow the famous Rogue Squadron in the time shortly after Return of the Jedi. Author of the popular X-Wing book series, Michael Stackpole, was very involved in the series, writing or co-writing many of the arcs. Tales of the Jedi Vol. 1 & 2 These stories by Tom Veitch and Kevin J. Anderson take place thousands of years before the films. Until recently, they were some of the earliest material in the EU timeline. Droids If you love R2-D2 and C-3PO, you'll want to take a look at this volume, which collects every issue of Dark Horse's Droids. (Not to be confused with the Droids cartoon from the 80's. That comes later in the list.) Early Victories These stories take place shortly after A New Hope. Many of them had never been collected previously. This omnibus is also notable for collecting the adaptation of Splinter of the Mind's Eye, the first Expanded Universe novel. Rise of the Sith Rise of the Sith collects stories taking place just before The Phantom Menace. Highlights are a Darth Maul miniseries, and the first arc of the long-running Republic series. Emissaries and Assassins This volume collects stories set during The Phantom Menace, along with two more arcs of Republic (including the excellent Outlander, which anyone that enjoyed the novel Kenobi should read), and a Jango Fett miniseries. Menace Revealed A good volume for those that like bounty hunters. Collects an Aurra Sing arc of Republic, and the Jango Fett and Zam Wesell one-shots. Menace Revealed also includes the previously uncollected stories Jedi QuestStarfighter: Crossbones (a tie-in to the Starfighter video games), and a few short comics originally packed in with Hasbro toys. Shadows of the Empire Collects the Shadows of the Empire tie-in comic. Rather than an adaptation of the novel, this story spends more time on Boba Fett and other bounty hunters. Also in this omnibus is a sequel to Shadows focusing on the human replica droid Guri. Closing things out is the miniseries Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand, which was written by Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole. Boba Fett What you see is what you get. Collects a wide variety of Boba Fett stories. A Long Time Ago... Volumes 1 - 5 This series of omnibuses collects the majority of the original Marvel Star Wars comics. Seems fitting to give these a read before the license returns to them. Quinlan Vos: Jedi in Darkness Collects stories focused on the Jedi Quinlan Vos, from the Republic series. The character, created by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema, is a fan-favorite. At War with the Empire Volumes 1 & 2 These stories from the series Empire and its follow-up, Rebellion, are set close to A New Hope. Many of the Empire issues feature Darth Vader heavily. The Other Sons of Tatooine This volume finishes the Omnibus collection of Empire and Rebellion issues and showcases friends of Luke from Tatooine, such as Biggs Darklighter. The Complete Saga Collects comic adaptations of Episodes 1 - 6. Includes A New Hope - The Special Edition, and the original Marvel adaptations of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Droids and Ewoks Collects the series that tied in to the Droids and Ewoks cartoons from the 80's. Could be fun if you're nostalgic for those shows, or have a young one looking for kid-friendly comics. Clone Wars Volumes 1 - 3 In the lead-up to Revenge of the Sith, the Republic comic series chronicled the battles of the Clone Wars. These volumes collect those stories, along with other miniseries such as Jedi, Obsession, and General Grievous. Fair warning: these were published before The Clone Wars television show began, so don't expect perfect continuity with that series. If you can look past that, you'll find a lot of great stories here, including ones featuring Asajj Ventress. Infinities Ever wonder what would have happened if Luke missed his Death Star destroying shot? Or if he had died in the cold on Hoth? Read this collection of Star Wars: Infinities to find out. Collects all three Infinities miniseries based on the Original Trilogy. Wild Space Volumes 1 & 2 A grab bag of rare comics. Collects everything from toy pack-ins to Marvel UK issues to the non-canon Tag and Bink stories, among others. Knights of the Old Republic Volumes 1 - 3 Collects all of the Knights of the Old Republic series written by John Jackson Miller. Has nods to the video games, but this is an excellent, standalone series. Volume 3 is scheduled for release on April 30th, 2014. Dark Times Volumes 1 & 2 All of the Dark Times miniseries are collected in these volumes. Set in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, this series splits its time between a few of the remaining Jedi post-Order 66, and the crew of the smuggling ship Uhumele. Volume 2 is scheduled for release on May 7, 2014. Adventures Collects six digest-sized, all-ages comics featuring Original Trilogy characters. Other large collections While not part of the Omnibus line, these volumes also collect multiple trade paperbacks. Legacy Hardcovers Volumes 1 - 3 These are basically the Omnibuses for the popular Legacy series by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema. Collects every issue of the first run of Legacy. The newer 'Volume II' series is not included. The Crimson Empire Saga Hardcover Collects all three Crimson Empire miniseries about Imperial Royal Guard Kir Kanos, along with other Crimson Empire related issues. Dark Empire Trilogy Hardcover Collects Dark Empire, Dark Empire II, and Empire's End. Dark Empire was the first series published by Dark Horse Comics after acquiring the Star Wars license. The Thrawn Trilogy Hardcover Collects the comic adaptations of the Timothy Zahn novels that kickstarted the Expanded Universe. [Wookieepedia | Dark Horse Comics]

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