Review: The Star Wars #5

The Star Wars Review Banner 5 Script: J. W. Rinzler Art: Mike Mayhew Colors: Rain Beredo Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover: Nick Runge Imperial forces have invaded the planet Aquilae, but until all the members of the Royal Family are accounted for, they will never truly hold the planet.  All of the Imperial's might has been put forth in tracking down Princess Leia and her two younger brothers, Biggs and Windy.  Princess Leia continues to evade the Empire with help from the Jedi General Luke Skywalker and his band of freedom fighters.

The Star Wars #5

Luke Skywalker, Annikan Starkiller, Agent Whitsun, Princess Leia, Han Solo and the two droids are trying to make there way off the planet Aquilae to ensure the young royal family will be safe from the Empire and their Sith Knights.  The Imperial equivalent of TSA has put down new security to catch our heroes.  Even in a galaxy far far away going through airport security is terrible. It doesn't take long for Luke and Annikan to sense the presence of the Knight of the Sith, Prince Valorum.  Everything quickly falls apart and the Empire is after our heroes.  It seems even in an alternate universe Han and Luke's luck hasn't improved. This issue is another action packed one as the group fights their way through the docks in hopes to make it to their ship.  The fight ranges all over as Han and Luke are captured, then have to fight their way out of captivity. while Whitsun and Annikan try to find the young boys Biggs and Windy before Biggs's power cell is depleted.  Much like the Death Star scenes from the original A New Hope, it's one narrow escape after another. Mike Mayhew's art continues to impress, riding a balance between Ralph McQuarrie's famous paintings and concept art and the films themselves.  Between Mayhew's art and Nick Runge's Drew Struzan inspired covers, this book continues to be visually stunning.   The weak point however, has to be the writing.  I believe J.W. Rinzler has done as much as he could with what he had before him.  There are problems with pacing and character development and an extremely forced love story is introduced in this issue.  There is no way around the fact that at it's core, this book is a rough draft of a story that would continue to go through many many revisions.  Those problems aside, there is still a lot to enjoy in this book.

3.5/5 Kath Hounds

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