The Clone Wars Season Six coming to Netflix March 7th

media-news-v41 The time has come. announced today that The Clone Wars final 13 episodes, "The Lost Missions," will be released via Netflix streaming service on Friday, March 7th in the US and Canada. For a few weeks now German television network SuperRTL has been promoting their upcoming airings of the episodes which start on Saturday, February 15th. Hopefully this North American announcement will be the first of many as fans outside of Germany and North America still wait to know when they can see the episodes. Along with the new season six, Netflix will begin streaming the entire series of The Clone Wars, including director's cut episodes. Arcs in "The Lost Missions" will include an investigation into the killing of a Jedi by a clone, the Clovis arc that was originally scheduled for season five, a Jar Jar Binks/Mace Windu team-up, and a big Yoda arc said to be of great importance to the saga (SPOILER: Liam Neeson is back!). Sadly, this looks like Ahsoka fans might be getting the short end of the stick here, but the clone and Yoda arcs are sure to be enjoyed and discussed for some time due to their importance to the overall Star Wars saga.

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